Pierce Brosnan’s two youngest sons, Paris and Dylan Brosnan, have been named as the 2020 Golden Globe Ambassadors, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced on Thursday evening.

Paris and Dylan are also the sons of journalist and author Keely Shaye Smith. The ambassador(s), a title that typically goes to the son or daughter of a celebrity, assist in distributing the Golden Globe trophies at the ceremony, and work in raising awareness of a selected charitable cause.

The honorary role was previously called Miss or Mister Golden Globe, but was changed in 2017 to Golden Globe Ambassador.

“For the first time in Golden Globe history, we’ve proudly selected two brothers to represent the Hollywood Foreign Press Association this awards season,” said HFPA president Lorenzo Soria in a statement. “Dylan and Paris Brosnan have already achieved tremendous success in the fashion world and are following in their father’s footsteps in entertainment. We’re excited to see how they’ll use this platform to contribute their talents to elevate the important issue of childhood hunger.”

The pair’s chosen charity is FEED, a social impact-driven brand founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, delivering nutritious meals to school-aged children around the globe.

“We’re proud to honor our dad’s legacy as we join the incredible roster of previous Golden Globe Ambassadors, many of whom have gone on to pursue their own dreams in the entertainment industry,” said Dylan Brosnan, who will be graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts this spring. “The biggest lesson our dad taught us is to ‘be kind,’ which was an essential factor in Paris and my decision to study filmmaking and our desire to tell important stories. Having this opportunity to turn the spotlight outward on kids experiencing hunger is a true privilege.”

At the event to announce the new ambassadors, which took place at Catch LA, the Brosnans revealed they first learned they had been chosen as the ambassadors a month ago. The news came “completely out of the blue,” the duo told Variety, given that their parents hadn’t told them they had been submitted.

“Our mom called us when we were both in film school,” explained Dylan. “We went out of class to take the call and she said you guys have been asked to be the Golden Globe ambassadors and we couldn’t believe it, we were over the moon.”

Paris said he had the opportunity to work with FEED on a short film in Sri Lanka, documenting the efforts of the world food program. His brother, who is also a musician, provided the score for the film, and the two brothers said they hope to collaborate on many more film projects in the future.

“That’s the goal,” said Paris.

The 2019 Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Dec. 9, 2019, and the ceremony will take place Jan. 5, 2020.