Malini Saba, owner of Saba Industries Group, has made a key investment in Moonheart Entertainment, the newly launched gaming, television film, and media company that is focused on providing content for family audiences.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Saba, whose company is a privately-held, manufacturer and global exporter of rice and other commodities, had been looking to diversify into the entertainment business. The move finds her partnering with Moonli Singha, Moonheart’s co-founder and CEO, and Rosa Gudmundsdottir, its co-founder and chief creative officer. The hope is that the investment will help the company expand its original content production.

In addition to the Saba Industries Group investment, Moonheart said it will deploy IBM Watson capabilities to develop unique intellectual properties for youth and their families with franchise potential. IBM Watson is the question-answering computer system best known for competing on “Jeopardy.” Singha said the company will work with IBM Watson to build “immersive, visually and musically rich worlds for youth and their families to explore.” Many of these projects will be about social issues.

“Investing in women-led businesses is the key to success in every industry,” Saba said in a statment. “Moonli and Rosa are amazing and talented, and I can’t wait to see what they will create for youth and families everywhere.”

Moonheart Entertainment says it currently has seven pieces of intellectual properties in various stages of development.