Mo’Nique has signed on for the lead role in the independent action-adventure “Mother Trucker.”

The movie is written by J. Oyer Tomas, former HBO executive producer, and set during the Congressional impeachment hearings to remove President Richard Nixon from office. Nixon resigned in 1974.

Mo’Nique will portray a mother, struggling with anger management issues, who is forced to steal her suddenly deceased husband’s trucking haul to provide for her daughter. On their cross-country adventure she discovers the truth behind her husband’s death and vents her rage upon his racist killers.

“I knew this was unique from the jump, because of the countless scripts we’ve read together, the only other time my husband said ‘this is special’ was for a little movie named ‘Precious,’” Mo’Nique said.

“Mother Trucker” is conceived by Tomas, who has directed, written and produced commercial and short-form promotional content for HBO series “The Sopranos,” “Game of Thrones,” “All The Way” and “Bessie.” Tomas will direct “Mother Trucker” in feature directorial debut.

“Never in my 30 years of being in entertainment have I seen a film with a badass black woman that has the balance of funny, drama, and action while addressing the challenges women of color face everyday, like ‘Mother Trucker,’” Mo’Nique said.

Mo’Nique and Tomas met in 2014 on the set of “Bessie,” for which she earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her performance as Ma Rainey.

Mo’Nique is represented by manager Sidney Hicks and attorney Ricky Anderson. She was last seen in “Almost Christmas” and is currently working on a comedy special for Showtime to air next year. Tomas is also creator and writer of “Girl Wonder,” a comedy series in development with “Running Woman” producer Ryan Cunningham.