“The King” has arrived.

The final trailer for the Netflix original film, starring Timothee Chalamet as King Henry V, was released on Thursday.

The trailer shows the young prince’s life among the “common people,” inebriated with his friend — Sir John Falstaff, played by Joel Edgerton. Following the death of his father King Henry IV, portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn, the newly crowned King Henry V (also known as Hal) must take charge, despite the chaos his father left, including an impending war with France.

“A new chapter of my life has begun,” says King Henry V. “As prince, I spent my days drinking, clowning. Now I find myself the King.”

The King says he needs men around him whom “he can trust,” and Falstaff seemingly gives the young King his word. However, Falstaff warns the King that he has no friends, only followers.

The footage also shows Robert Pattinson as the Dauphin of France, preparing for battle with the country’s English enemies. Although the young king proclaims that the people of France were his father’s foes, not his, he must pick up the war where his dad left off.

“The screams of your men shall lull me to sleep at night,” the Dauphin says.

“You will not topple this King Henry V of England you so underestimate,” the King responds.

The film is directed by David Michôd, and written by Michôd and Edgerton. “The King” also stars Tom Glynn-Carney, Lily-Rose Depp and Thomasin McKenzie. It is playing in select theaters and hits Netflix on Nov 1.