Sydney-based sales agent Odin’s Eye has picked up international rights to Harvey Keitel-starring action feature “Live Fast, Die Laughing.” The film is directed by Timothy Linh Bui (“Green Dragon, Powder Blue”) and produced by Los Angeles-based Convergence Entertainment.

Scripted by Tim Tori (“Dragon Eyes,” “Hysteria”), the film is the story of a broke taxi driver in Vietnam who thinks it is his lucky day when a mysterious American woman offers him a fortune to drive her 1,000 miles from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. They set off, pursued by mobsters and an assassin.

Set to shoot in November, the film will star Francesca Eastwood (“True Crime”) alongside Keitel. Action direction is to be supplied by fight choreographer Vincent Wang (“The Great Wall,” “Doctor Strange”).

“Live Fast” is produced by Douglas W. Miller (“Better Start Running,” “Modigliani,” “Bottom of the 9th”) and Tim Kwok (“The Medallion,” “The King of Fighters”) through Convergence Entertainment.

“Tim Bui is an authentic and original voice, with a unique story that’s rarely seen in modern-day Vietnam,” Kwok said. “The plot is driven forward by a fast-paced race against time and its snappy dialogue. Coupled with an exotic, picturesque location, we believe buyers and audiences alike will share our enthusiasm,” said Odin’s Eye CEO Michael Favelle, speaking on the margins of the Cannes Film Festival.