Cannabis cultivation in the Emerald Triangle, the area in Northern California that has long been a go-to for growers, has a starring role in a new documentary series called “The Great Outdoor.” Funded by Flow Kana, one of the state’s leading cannabis flower brands, filmed by David Zlutnick, and executive-produced by Flow Kana co-founder Flavia Cassani, episodes in four parts take viewers through the seasons as the proprietors of HappyDay Farms, Moon Made Farms, and Briceland Forest Farm endeavored to harvest their crop.

In addition to the changing weather, the farmers also witness the shift in policy from medical to recreational use. As Cassani explained in announcing the doc: “California’s cannabis farmers have experienced radical change since prohibition was ended with the passage of adult use in 2016. Some things have not changed though, and that is their commitment to regenerative farming practices.”

Diversified approaches to farming, like growing cannabis and produce in neighboring beds, are demonstrated throughout with the purpose of showing “that food and medicine could be planted together, and sustain a community.”

The first episode of “The Great Outdoor” clocks in at under 10 minutes. The series can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

Watch “Spring” below: