Heist thriller “Way Down” has closed its first key pre-sales, with Germany, France and Spain, the last with Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia. Pic stars Freddie Highmore, star of ABC’s “The Good Doctor,” which is the biggest U.S. scripted series export of 2018,

Co-starring Liam Cunningham, who play Ser Davos Seaworth on “Game of Thrones,” “Way Down” has also been licensed by TF1 Studio to SquareOne Entertainment for German-speaking Europe. TF1 Studio is itself handling distribution in France. Pathé Films has acquired rights for Switzerland.

Unveiling exclusive images at the Cannes Film Market on Tuesday, TF1 Studio is working to close Russia and China, said Sabine Chemaly, exec VP of international sales at TF1 Studio. It has initiated negotiations for Italy, Latin America and the Middle East.

Kicking off in the U.K. as Highmore’s character, Thom, just out of university, receives a proposal from art dealer Walter (Cunningham) to steal a legendary lost treasure from the Bank of Spain, “Way Down” represents a pioneering co-production between two of Europe’s biggest commercial- sector media corporations, France’s TF1 and Spain’s Mediaset España aimed at making a high-end international thriller which can compete in scale with most all independent movies being brought onto the market from the U.S.

“Distributors love the fact that this heist movie is not based on violence and fights but meticulous team work, inspired and lead by a charismatic and passionate treasure hunter, played by Liam Cunningham, and an incredibly gifted young engineer looking for adventure, Freddie Highmore’s character,” said Chemaly.

Highmore and Cunningham’s roles in their respective hit series “somehow reinforce their characters in ‘Way Down’,” she added. “Thom always thinks out of the box; Walter has strong ethics, confidence in his team, and never gives up, as in ‘Game of Thrones.’”

Production is running smoothly on schedule and on budget,” said Ghislain Barrios, at Telecinco Cinema, the film production arm of Mediaset España.

He added: “We’re about to complete our first month of shooting, with two more to go, and the film is every bit as spectacular as we hoped it’d be and that’s before El Ranchito starts doing its magic with the SFX… Ah, and the actors look great.”