The big-screen version of “Downton Abbey” will center on a royal visit.

In a new trailer that debuted at CinemaCon, the Crawley family and their army of maids, butlers, cooks, and assorted domestics are thrown into disarray by the impending arrival of King George V and Queen Mary. The year is 1927 and the Crawleys are tightening the old, bespoke belt, making day with slightly fewer servants. In order to get things in ship-shape, they ask the retired head butler Carson to return to the estate.

The trailer has all the upper class real estate porn that made the TV show so addictive. There are plenty of shots of well-appointed lawns, meticulously outfitted drawing rooms, grandfather clocks being wound, and crystal wine glasses being arranged. The tagline: “We’ve been expecting you.”

But times have changed. The Depression looms, a World War has ended. Lady Mary Crawley is toying with leaving the estate for a new life. Anna Bates, Lady Mary’s loyal maid, reminds her of the role that Downton plays in the small English village.

“Downton Abbey is the heart of this community and you’re keeping it beating,” she reminds Mary.

The Focus Features release brings back the Emmy-winning cast of the popular television series, including Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Michelle Dockery, Penelope Wilton, and Hugh Bonneville. The film from director Michael Engler hits theaters on Sept. 20.