Raphaël Berdugo’s Paris-based Cite Films kicks off worldwide sales of Chilean family drama “Algunas Bestias” (“Some Beasts”) at the San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival, where it world premieres.

Variety has the exclusive first look of its trailer, which opens with a bird’s eye view of an island with a single house on it. It is also the opening shot of Jorge Riquelme Serrano’s sophomore drama. “It’s as if we were peering at the family through a microscope, like they were microbes on the island,” he pointed out.

Taut music by Carlos Cabezas, who worked on Riquelme Serrano’s 2016 debut feature “Camaleon” (“Chameleon”) and several Pablo Larrain films, sets the tone for a drama that grows darker and ever more sinister as the family realizes they are stranded on the island and their inner demons emerge.

Chile’s most prominent actors, Paulina Garcia and Alfredo Castro, lead the cast in the drama where dialogue was entirely improvised.

The southern Chilean island of Chaullin and its solitary house, where they shot for 10 cold, wet days, really exists. “I incorporated lore about the past inhabitants and the island’s water scarcity issues into the script,” said Riquelme Serrano.

Garcia and Castro play the parents of a daughter whose husband wants them to invest in converting the house into a hotel. Abandoned on the island by the caretaker, the family grows increasingly distraught as feelings of resentment, prejudice and more beastly urges begin to surface.

“I also wanted to explore the themes of racial bias and classism, that unfortunately, continue to persist in Chile and I daresay, the rest of Latin America,” said Riquelme Serrano.

He sees “Algunas Bestias” as a further exploration of the themes he touched on in his first film. In “Camaleon,” I look at the dark side of human nature in a single location; I think I managed to delve deeper into this in “Algunas Bestias.”

Beautifully shot by DP Eduardo “Nano” Bunster, “Algunas Bestias” won three awards at the Toulouse Cine en Construccion event in March where Cite Films first eyed it.

BF Films is slated to release the film in Chile by May next year.

Director, DP and cast will be attending San Sebastian.