UPDATED: British exhibitor Cineworld has resumed showing gang-themed film “Blue Story” in northern England after a stabbing at one of its theaters led to some screens there being shut down.

In a statement issued late Monday, Cineworld said it had shut down several of its screens at a site in the city of Nottingham on the order of authorities investigating Sunday evening’s stabbing. A 20-year-old man needed hospital treatment for what were described as non-life-threatening injuries. Local reports said arrests were made following the incident, which occurred during “Blue Story’s” end credits.

”Cineworld can confirm that we were required by Nottinghamshire Police to close screens 9-14 this morning during their investigation,” the statement said. “However, this investigation did not affect our ability to operate and customers can still purchase tickets for showings of ‘Blue Story’ this evening, tomorrow and throughout the week. We currently have no plans to cancel any of these screenings.”

The movie, about two friends who become embroiled in violence between South London gangs, has been in the headlines since Vue, the U.K.’s third-largest theater chain, removed it from its screens for nearly a week before reinstating it over the weekend. Vue pulled “Blue Story” after what it said were multiple incidents of tension or conflict at screenings, the biggest of which was a mass brawl involving about 100 people at an entertainment center in Birmingham, England.

The smaller Showcase chain also removed and then reinstated the picture.

The film was written and directed by the YouTube star Rapman, whose real name is Andrew Onwubolu. He had sharply criticized Vue’s decision to pull the movie and demanded the company show proof that the roughly 25 “significant incidents” it had cited were actually related to “Blue Story.”

Having been put back on Vue screens, the film held firm at the box office. It pulled in £1.3 million ($1.7 million) in its first week and is now at £2.9 million. Paramount distributes the film in the U.K. It and BBC Films, another of the picture’s backers, both publicly supported the movie as it made headlines last week.