Shanghai Rich Culture Media, The Nakodo Group and Bullseye Pictures have signed a three-project co-production, co-financing and co-distribution deal for Asia and Hollywood at the American Film Market.

Projects involved include films “My Name is Mars” and “The Blind Bastards Club,” and a historical TV drama series. Sacha Baron-Cohen’s cousin Ash Baron-Cohen (90s films “Bang” and “This Girl’s Life”) will direct. Casting for the two films is in progress.

Baron-Cohen said he was looking forward to “creating something that is both commercially and artistically appealing to both East and West” and “exploring themes that resonate universally.” Alice Wang, CEO of Shanghai Rich Culture Media, said she was “excited to work with Hollywood partners.” Nakodo Group managing partner Bianca de la Garza said she was happy Baron-Cohen’s works “will now have global reach with a new audience.”