Dutch Features, one of Holland’s leading sales agencies, has acquired the cross-cultural romantic comedy “Cuban Love” directed by Johan Nijenhuis (“Tuscan Wedding”) ahead of the European Film Market.

“Cuban Live” is headlined by Abbey Hoes, who won the EFP Shooting Star at the Berlin Film Festival in 2015. Set to open in the Netherlands on Valentines Day, “Cuban Love” tells the story of a divorcee, Loes, (Susan Visser) who has lost all faith in love and has to travel to Cuba to prevent her daughter Maartje (Abbey Hoes) from marrying a Cuban citizen (Rolf Sanchez). Once in Cuba, Loes finds herself learning more about love and romance than she had ever expected.

Dutch Feature has also come on board Norbert ter Hall’s “Promise of Pisa,” a coming-of-age drama which is currently in-production. The company will be showing a first promo of the movie during the European Film Market.

Based on Mano Bouzamour’s “De Belofte van Pisa,” “Promise of Pisa” follows Sam, a talented young Moroccan musician who lives in one of Amsterdam’s poorest estates and is admitted to an elite music academy where he initially feels out of place. With the assistance of a mentor, Sam begins a new journey, perfecting his sound and falling in love with a fellow student.

“The Promise of Pisa” stars Shahine El-Hamus, Yorick van Wageningen (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”), Olivia Lonsdale (“Silk Road”).