In the run-up to the UniFrance Rendez-Vous in Paris, the rising sales company Charades has added three French films to its slate, “My Traitor, My Love,” a war romance-drama; “Lost And Found,” a romantic comedy; and “The Girl With a Bracelet,” a family drama.

Directed by Helier Cisterne (“Vandal”), “My Traitor, My Love” (pictured) opens in 1956 in Algeria, at a time when it was a French colony. The film stars hot French actor Vincent Lacoste (“Amanda”) and Vicky Krieps (“Phantom Thread”) as Fernand and Helene, a young couple madly in love whose destiny will be irrevocably changed by the outbreak of the Algerian War of Independence. Fernand is an activist figting for independence alongside the Algerians. The film was penned by Katell Quillévéré (“Heal the Living”) and Cisterne whose feature debut “Vandal” won the Louis Delluc Prize in 2013.

“My Traitor, My Love” is produced by Les Films du Bélier, the Paris-based outfit behind “Diamantino” which won the Grand Prize at Cannes’s Critics Week and was also sold by Charades. The sales company is selling “My Traitor, My Love” internationally, outside of Algeria, Benelux and France where Diaphana will be releasing it.

“Lost And Found” is a romantic comedy which marks Ronan Le Page’s feature debut. The film stars Pio Marmaï (“Back to Burgundy”) as Franck, who has just landed a job as a museum guard after spending 15 years trying in vain to build a career in theatre. Aspiring to have a quiet life, Franck’s plans get turned upside down after he meets Sybille, his neurotic colleague. Marmaï stars opposite Léa Drucker (“Custody,” “The Bureau”).

The movie is produced by Easy Tiger (“Divines”) and will be released in France by Apollo. Charades will be showing a promo reel at the Rendez-Vous.

“The Girl With a Bracelet,” directed by Stephane Demoustier, follows Lise, a teenager who has been accused of murdering her best friend and is facing a trial. Her parents, who stand by her, start discovering facets of their daughter’s personality while her secret life begins to unfold in court. Roschdy Zem (“Chocolat”) and Chiara Mastroianni (“Claire Darling”) star in the film which Petit Film (“Raw”) is producing.

Charades has world sales on “The Girl With a Bracelet” outside of Benelux and France where Le Pacte will handle the distribution. Charades will be showing a promo of the film at the Rendez-Vous. All three films are expected to be delivered in the fall.

Meanwhile, Charades will be rolling into the Rendez-Vous with a raft of completed movies, notably Louis-Julien Petit’s heartfelt social comedy-drama “Invisibles” which opened in French theaters on Jan. 9 and has been having a healthy box office run. Inspired by a true story, “Invisibles” follows the journey of social workers who embark on a race against the clock to integrate some homeless women back into society by all means, even unorthodox ones, before the shutting down of their shelter.

Other titles set for market screenings at the Rendez-Vous include “The Shiny Sprimps,” Cedric Le Gallo and Maxime Govare’s high-concept comedy about an Olympic champion at the end of his career who seeks redemption after making a homophobic statement on TV, and must coach the Shiny Shrimps, a flamboyant and amateur gay water polo team. Universal will release the film in France.

Charades’s packed RDV slate is completed by Margaux Bonhomme’s drama “Head Above Water;” Gilles Legrand’s timely comedy “Best Intentions” with Agnes Jaoui; and Antoine Raimbault’s courtroom thriller “Conviction” with Marina Fois and Olivier Gourmet.