Edelweiss Film Productions, the one-year old company launched by Victoria Lacoste, the actress-turned-producer and heiress of the well-known Lacoste brand, is producing “The Fourth Wall,” a Paris-set short film starring Lizzie Brocheré (American Horror Story) and Roby Schinasi (Gossip Girl).

Directed by Kelsey Bollig, “The Fourth Wall” shot last month at the Palais des Glaces in Paris and revolves around a washed-up actress battling her inner darkness and fights for the spotlight amongst self-serving newcomers during a performance of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream.”

Lacoste’s banner is also developing several feature film projects, including “Nothing But Love,” an English-language project that will be directed by Pascal Arnold (“American Translation”) and will unfold in a small town in Savannah where the arrival of a new doctor provokes changes and leads the unveiling of deep-buried secrets. “Nothing But Love” is being produced with Toloda, the banner headed by Jean-Marc Barr, Teddy Vermeulin and Arnold.

Aside from film work, Edelweiss Film Productions is looking to stepping into TV with a series spinoff based on “Asking for a Friend,” the horror/comedy short film written and directed by Bollig. “Asking for a Friend” recently played at a few festivals, including the NOLA Horror Film Festival in New Orleans where Bollig won best director.

Lacoste, who also stars in the 25-minute short, along with Jacqueline Bell, Clifton J. Adams, Eugenia Kuzmina and Quinn Knox, said “Asking for a Friend” was developed as a series pilot.

Lacoste met Bollig while attending the University of Colorado and currently lives in Switzerland. Her company Edelweiss Film Productions is established in both Switzerland and Los Angeles.

“When Kelsey came to me with ‘Asking for a Friend,’ it sparked me into going ahead into the world of production, which was uncharted territory for me at that point,” said Lacoste, who added that she enjoyed the “collaborative nature of filmmaking, as well as the combination of different perspectives that contribute to the creation of a
work of art.”

Although she’s mostly working on genre, Lacoste said she was interested in a wide range of projects and is particularly enthusiastic about collaborating with emerging female directors. Lacoste is so far mostly working with private investors to raise the financing for her different projects.