Sales agent Global Screen has kicked off sales for German thriller “The Collini Case,” starring Elyas M’Barek, the star of the hit “Fack Ju Göhte,” franchise, and produced by Constantin Film.

ARP Selection has acquired all rights for France and is planning a wide release at the end of year. Constantin will give the film a wide release in Germany in April. Global Screen is in negotiations with buyers from other territories.

The film centers on attorney Caspar Leinen, who takes on the defense of the suspect in a spectacular murder case. This leads him to unearth one of the greatest legal scandals ever in Germany, with its roots in the Nazi era.

The script is by Christian Zübert, Robert Gold and Jens Frederik Otto, adapted from Ferdinand von Schirach’s novel. The film is directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner. It was co-produced by Seven Pictures.

The film also stars Alexandra Maria Lara and Franco Nero. It is produced by Christoph Mueller, Kerstin Schmidbauer and Marcel Hartges. The executive producer is Martin Moszkowicz.

ARP Selection’s Michèle Halberstadt picked up the film based on the script and a promo-reel, which Global Screen is screening in Berlin. ARP Selection has released several other German films, such as “Farwell to Europe” and “The People vs. Fritz Bauer.” Its next German film, “Balloon,” will be released in France on April 10.