Charades has closed a raft of sales on Louis-Julien Petit’s heartfelt social comedy-drama “Invisibles,” which has been a box office hit in France since opening last month.

Inspired by a true story, “Invisibles” follows the journey of social workers who embark on a race against the clock to integrate some homeless women back into society by all means, even unorthodox ones, before the shutting down of their shelter.

The movie was acquired for Germany (PIFFL Medien), Spain (Vertigo), Italy (Teodora), Canada (AZ Films), Austria (Thimfilm), Sweden (Folkets Bio), Israel (New Cinema), Greece (Weird Wave), Switzerland (Frenetic), the Middle East (Empire), Portugal (Cinemundo) and Benelux (Vertigo).

In France, where the Yellow Vest movement has staged protests with demands for lower taxes, higher wages and better support for retirees, “Invisibles” has struck a chord with local audiences thanks to film’s social themes and uplifting tone.

Meanwhile, Charades has also scored deals for “The Shiny Shrimps,” Cedric Le Gallo and Maxime Govare’s high-concept comedy which is having a market screening at the EFM. The movie follows an Olympic champion at the end of his career who seeks redemption after making a homophobic statement on TV by coaching the Shiny Shrimps, an amateur gay water polo team.

“The Shiny Shrimps” has sold to Japan (Flag), Spain (Vertigo), Portugal (Cinemundo), ex-Yugoslavia (Karantanija), Switzerland (Praesens) and Mexico (Alameda).

Universal will release “Shiny Shrimps” in France.