TrustNordisk has pre-sold Norwegian horror film “Lake of Death” to Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service, for six territories, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Inspired by André Bjerke’s 1942 novel of the same name, the movie is directed by Nini Bull Robsahm (“Amnesia”).

“Lake of Death,” which was first adapted for the screen in 1958, was produced by Bull Robsahm and Axel Mustad with a budget of 2.8 million euros ($3 million) and stars Iben Akerlie, Jonathan Harboe, Sophia Lie and Elias Munk. Thomas Robsahm is the executive producer.

“Lake of Death” follows a small group of friends who battle to survive in the middle of Norway’s forests and fjords. A local legend that everyone thought was mere folklore becomes reality when one of their group turns up dead.

“Shudder’s profile fits perfectly with a high-concept horror thriller such as LAKE OF DEATH, and we really believe that the film will reach a large thrill-loving audience on this platform,” said TrustNordisk’s managing director Susan Wendt who negotiated the multi-territory deal with Emily Gotto on behalf of Shudder.

The movie was produced in association with Pryserfilm with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute. “Lake of Death” is expected to have its local release in Norway on Halloween.

TrustNordisk previously pre-sold the film to China (Virtual Cinema), Korea (Yuljin Entertainment), Southeast Asia (CM Holdings) and Hungary (ADS Service).