Andes Films has taken the distribution rights in four Latin American countries for Wizart’s animated feature “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal,” which is being sold by the Russian company at the American Film Market. Wizart has also signed an agreement with Peppermint for the release of “Fantastic Return to Oz” in Germany.

Andes has picked up rights to “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The company is a major distributor in the region, handling the release of movies from Sony Pictures, Universal and Paramount.

Previously announced deals for the family pic include KLB SAS (France), ADS Service (Hungary), Bohemia Motion Pictures (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Kino Swiat (Poland), Koch Films (Germany), Storytelling Media (Norway), MCF MegaCom (former Yugoslavia), PRO Films (Bulgaria) and Acme Film (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia).

“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” was produced by Sergey Selyanov, Yuri Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev, in collaboration with CTB Film Company. The director is Vladimir Nikolaev, and the screenplay is by Alexey Tsitsilin, Vladimir Nikolaev and Robert Lence, whose credits includes “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Toy Story” and “Shrek.”

The film takes place in a village of sheep and wolves who live in peaceful co-existence until the arrival of a Polar fox and a small ewe. Grey, the leader of the tribe, must convince the sheep and wolves to work together to confront a mortal threat.