Movies by Martin Scorsese, Dennis Hopper, David Cronenberg, Bernardo Bertolucci, Luis Bunuel and Federico Fellini are among the lineup of the Venice Classics section at the 76th Venice Film Festival.

A new 35mm print of Scorsese’s 1977 film “New York, New York” will be screened in honor of United Artists’ centennial. The new copy, playing courtesy of MGM, will be presented by one of the film’s producers, Irwin Winkler, who will hold a masterclass following the screening.

Among the newly restored classics will be Hopper’s 1980 film “Out of the Blue”; Cronenberg’s 1996 movie “Crash”; a double bill of Bernardo Bertolucci pics – “The Grim Reaper,” the director’s feature debut, which bowed in Venice in 1962, and “The Spider’s Stratagem,” presented at Venice in 1970; Federico Fellini’s “The White Sheik,” which premiered at Venice in 1952; and Bunuel’s 1955 film “The Criminal Life of Archibaldo De La Cruz.”

The complete lineup of the restored films is listed below.

Venice Classics will also screen a selection of documentaries about cinema.

Director and screenwriter Costanza Quatriglio will chair a jury composed of 22 film students, who will award the Venice Classics prizes for best restored film and best documentary about cinema.

The Venice Film Festival runs from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7.

“The Incredible Shrinking Man,” dir: Jack Arnold (U.S., 1957), restored by Universal Pictures.

“The Grim Reaper,” dir: Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy, 1962), restored by CSC-Cineteca Nazionale in collaboration with RTI-Mediaset.

“The Spider’s Stratagem,” dir: Bernardo Bertolucci (Italy, 1970), restored by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Massimo Sordella in collaboration with Compass Film.

“The Criminal Life of Archibaldo De La Cruz,” dir: Luis Bunuel (Mexico, 1955), restored by Cineteca Nacional Mexico in collaboration with Sindicato de Trajadores de la Produccion Cinematografica.

“The Crossing of the Rhine,” dir: Andre Cayatte (France, Germany, Italy, 1960), restored by Gaumont.

“Maria Zef,” dir: Vittorio Cottafavi (Italy, 1981), restored by Rai Teche in collaboration with Cineteca del Friuli, Fuori Orario (RAI3), and Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino.

“Crash,” dir: David Cronenberg (Canada, 1996), restored by Recorded Picture Company and Turbine Media Group (under the supervision of Cronenberg and DoP Peter Suschitzky).

“Francisca,” dir: Manoel De Oliveira (Portugal, 1981), restored by Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema.

“The House Is Black,” dir: Forough Farrokhzad (Iran, 1962), restored by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Ecran Noir productions, in collaboration with Ebrahim Golestan. With the support of Genoma Films and Mahrokh Eshaghian.

“The White Sheik,” dir: Federico Fellini (Italy, 1952), restored by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna in the context of “Fellini 100” project, in collaboration with RTI-Mediaset and Infinity.

“Current,” dir: Istvan Gaal (Hungary, 1963), restored by Hungarian National Film Fund – Film Archive.

“The Hills of Marlik,” dir: Ebrahim Golestan (Iran, 1964), restored by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Ecran Noir productions, in collaboration with Ebrahim Golestan and the National Film Archive of Iran. With the support of Mahrokh Eshaghian and Genoma Films.

“Death of a Bureaucrat,” dir: Tomas Gutierrez Alea (Cuba, 1966), restored by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Archive) and Cinemateca de Cuba.

“Out of the Blue,” dir: Dennis Hopper (Canada, U.S.), restored by Discovery Productions (John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr).

“Ecstasy,” dir: Gustav Machaty (Czechoslovakia, 1932), restored by the Czech Film Archive, with the support of Milada Kucerova and Eduard Kucera, and the collaboration of the Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary.

“Mauri,” dir: Merata Mita (New Zealand, 1988), restored by New Zealand Film Commission.

“Pigeon Shoot,” dir: Giuliano Montaldo (Italy, 1961), restored by CSC-Cineteca Nazionale in collaboration with Surf Film.

“New York, New York,” dir: Martin Scorsese (U.S., 1977). New 35mm print courtesy of MGM, on the occasion of United Artists’ centennial anniversary.

“The Red Snowball Tree,” dir: Vasiliy Shukshin (U.S.S.R., 1973), restored by Mosfilm Cinema Concern (Karen Shakhnazarov was the producer of the restoration).

“Way of a Gaucho,” dir: Jacques Tourneur (U.S., 1952); restored by Twentieth Century Fox and The Film Foundation.