Produced by Germany’s Gringo Films, “Stitch Head” will pitch at March’s Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, a leading European event for animation coming down the pipeline. Fellow German studios Lavalabs and Studio Rakete co-produce.

“Stitch Head” will be a stereoscopic 3D animated feature directed by Toby Genkel, co-director –alongside Reza Memari– of the successful “A Stork’s Journey,” a German production from Ulysses Filmproduktion which secured a U.S. release through Grindstone and Lionsgate, and was sold by Global Screen.

“Stitch Head” is a family entertainment adventure-comedy intended for mainstream audiences. According to its producers, it’s a fun take on the Frankenstein myth, where the monsters are the good guys, and the humans are scary.

“It’s based on a simple premise: If a mad professor is obsessively bringing monstrous creatures to Almost-Life™ in his castle’s laboratory… then who takes care of the monsters? Who keeps them fed and clean?” asked Gringo Films Sonja Ewers, answering, “Stitch Head –the professor’s very first, long- forgotten creation.”

Terrified the townsfolk could turn into a furious mob, Stitch Head uses all means available to him to keep he and his fellow-monsters safe and hidden.

“Stitch Head” is the first incursion in animation by Cologne-based Gringo Films, although Ewers co-produced Michel Ocelot’s “Dilili à Paris.”

Currently in development, “Stitch Head” is based on the same-titled children’s book by Guy Bass (“Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things,” “Spynosaur”) an English author and winner of the Portsmouth Book Award and the popular “Blue Peter” prize, granted by the BBC TV show.

Gringo Films is led by Ewers and director-producer-actor Steve Hudson (“True North”). The company has participated in Samuel Maoz’s Venice Golden Lion winner “Lebanon” and Yuval Adler’s “Bethlehem.” Recently, Gringo produced Eyal Halfon’s mockumentary “The 90 Minute War,” and is currently developing “Tafiti,” an animated series for kid audiences which features meerkats in the lead roles.

Cartoon Movie runs March 5-7.