GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Chile’s Storyboard Media has granted Variety exclusive access to the teaser for the upcoming Camilo Becerra and Sofía Gómez feature “Quizás es cierto lo que dicen de nosotras” (“Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us”).

Storyboard heads Carlos Nuñez and Gabriela Sandoval are at the Guadalajara Intl. Film Festival (FICG), where Sandoval is a juror for the Ibero-American fiction feature film competition, looking for a minority co-producer and a sales agent.

In the teaser we get a taste of the estranged relationship between mother Ximena and her daughter Tamara, and the trauma that looms large over them.

After years apart, Tamara returns home with the ghastly news that her recently newborn baby has been sacrificed to a religious sect that she was recruited into. The police get involved and Ximena sets out on an investigation of her own to find out exactly what happened.

With her life in tatters and her family torn apart, Ximena defends her daughter as only a mother could against a rising tide of evidence which indicates that perhaps the events leading up to Tamara’s child’s death were not out of the young mother’s control.

“Maybe it’s True What They Say About Us” stars “A Fantastic Woman’s” Aline Kuppenheim, up-and-coming actress Camila Roschman and Chilean film and TV standout Alejandro Goic (Pablo Larrain’s “The Club,” Sebastián Silva’s “The Maid”).

The film has already won the Corfo Development Fund and the Audiovisual Fomento Fund for filming and post-production in Chile. The film’s proposed budget is $600,000, with filming to take place at the end of the year.

“Even wicked criminals like this have families,” said Becerra and Gómez in a statement. “Bonds that are broken and mended, but will always remain marked by such horrors. One of the things we seek to portray in this film is this darkness. When what used to be familiar becomes something threatening and unknown.”

“We want to show how something so unthinkable can happen to any family,” they added. “Even those of high social and cultural standards with bright futures ahead can suddenly lose everything and be left with nothing to hold on to.”