SAN SEBASTIAN – Filmax has taken international rights to Álvaro Fernández Armero’s comedy “If I Were a Rich Man.”

Produced by Telecinco Cinema, Think Studio and Ciskul, and backed by Mediaset España and Movistar+, “If I Were a Rich Man” is a Spanish remake of Michel Munz and Gerard Bitton’s French comedy “Ah! Si j’étais riche” (If I Were a Rich Man).

“If I Were a Rich Man” will be released in Spain via Paramount Pictures Oct. 25.

First presented to buyers at the Toronto Film Festival, “If I Were a Rich Man” follows Santi, who, among other problems, is about to divorce his wife. Then he wins the lottery jackpot: €25 million ($27.5 million). The question is: how can he avoid sharing his fortune with his ex?

Especially gifted in comedy, director Fernández Armero (“It’s All Lies,” “The Art of Dying”) presented last year at San Sebastian “Spanish Shame” (co-directed with Juan Cavestany), the first complete TV series screened at this festival, and a first Movistar+ Original Series comedy, which saw the creators melding U.S. and Spanish inspiration.

Cast for “If I Were a Rich Man” includes Álex García, Alexandra Jiménez, Adrián Lastra and Diego Martín.

“The film is a hoot from start to finish. It’s a feel-good movie, with a touching love story that will appeal to all kinds of audiences,” said Filmax international sales head Iván Díaz.

The production continues the relationship between Telecinco Cinema and Filmax after Carlos Therón’s “I Can Quit Whenever I Want,” a big Spanish hit this year. A remake of the Sydney Sibilia’s same-titled Italian feature “I Can Quit,” it earned €10.8 million ($11.9 million) at Spanish movie theaters.

“With ‘If I Were a Rich Man,’ we have gone back to the tried and tested formula that has worked so well for us in the past: An amazing concept developed by a team of trusted, expert scriptwriters; a director who has proved his worth time and time again; and a team of highly dedicated actors,” Telecinco Cinema CEO Ghislain Barrois said, adding: “The past has shown us just how much potential these kinds of comedies with a touch of romanticism can have in the international market.”