SAN SEBASTIAN  —  In San Sebastian with two high-profile films, Jorunn Myklebust Syversen’s “Disco” and Mariko Bobrik’s “The Taste of Pho,” Polish sales agent New Europe Film Sales has announced the acquisition of world sales rights on upcoming Chile-Poland co-production “Blanquita,” from director Fernando Guzzoni (“Jesus”).

It’s the first time that Chile and Poland have exclusively co-produced a feature together.

Having previously participated at the Berlinale’s Co-Production Market and Venice’s Financing Gap Market and backed by support from Hubert Bals and the Chilean National Production Fund, the buzzed-up production will shoot in Chile, Spring 2020.

Giancarlo Nasi at Rampante Films, one of Chile’s foremost film producers, produces out of Chile with Klaudia Smieja’s Madants from Poland. Rampante comes to San Sebastian hot off the success of its Venice Orizzonti Award-winning “Blanco en blanco” from director Théo Court. Madants recently backed Claire Denis’ 2018 science fiction hit “High Life.”

“Blanquita,” a familiar Spanish nickname for women named Blanca, follows its 18-year-old titular character as she is cast in the spotlight of a sexual assault scandal involving powerful businessmen and high-profile politicians.

Seen first as a martyr, details emerge which confuse Blanca’s situation and public perception, forcing her to double-down and fight for the real truth to be heard.

In a statement, Nasi said: “I see ‘Blanquita’ as an epic film with a strong female character, a David and Goliath story, addressing some of the hottest emerging social issues today, which we hope will spark a polemic. To have such a dynamic and committed sales agency like New Europe on this project is a real privilege. Together with Madants we have built an amazing partnership.”

For his part, Guzzoni said: “‘Blanquita’ is a modern hero, an uncomfortable character who installs herself against structures of male power. A victim-executioner character who like Medea or Lady Macbeth makes her way without ever losing her humanity. I see ‘Blanquita’ as a film with greater commercial vocation in relation to my previous works.”

“Marcin Łuczaj, our head of acquisitions, has been following ‘Blanquita’ for a long time and ultimately made this collaboration happen,” added Jan Naszewski, head of New Europe Film Sales. “I’m very happy we have Fernando and Giancarlo’s trust on this one.”