SAN SEBASTIAN — For the second year in a row, the ECAM Madrid Film School has paired a number of up-and-coming filmmakers with various industry veterans for an Incubator program part of the school broader development arm called The Screen.

For its initial edition in 2018, this Incubator selected five feature projects, putting the selected producers in contact with creative tutors, international fund managers, festival directors, broadcasters and distributors, as well as offering each project €10,000 ($11,100) in development assistance.

One of those projects is David Pérez Sañudo’s terrorism drama “Ane.” Produced by Katixa de Silva at Vitoria-based Amania Films, the drama follows a young mother (played actress Patricia López Arnaiz) who fears that her teenage has fallen in with political extremists.

Variety spoke with the award-winning director, who will make his feature debut with this project.

What themes will you seek to explore with “Ane”?

How someone’s closest relation can become a complete stranger. In this case, it’s a daughter who becomes a stranger to her mother. At the same time, we would also like to reflect on how certain political contexts can affect one’s everyday life.

How do you plan to explore those ideas stylistically?

We will try to make a neo-realistic film, taking some distance from what is represented. We want the film to be as respectful of the spectator as possible, while still requiring a bit of active watching. That means establishing some strong rules in the process of filmmaking that we will strictly follow. The use of specific lenses, sound techniques and camera movements can permit us to question the cinematographic language.

How did your work with The Incubator affect the overall project?

[Taking part in] The Screen’s The Incubator meant a lot for us, and the Lab offered amazing support. The project evolved a lot after being selected by The Screen, and it changed how some production companies and TV channels in the industry viewed the project as well. “Ane” is our first feature film, so that means our team is unknown. We needed to build a strong production and financial structure to make the film possible, and The Screen gave us the pedigree to do so.

What elements will lead actress Patricia López Arnaiz bring to project?

Patricia López Arnaiz is, without a doubt, the best option to perform the main role. We are proud of her commitment and sure that she’ll bring her truth and vitality to the screen. She is a special actress, unique.