Italian sales company Summerside Intl. has acquired from Nordisk Film a three-title package of the latest titles in family franchise “Father of Four,” a hit in Denmark, on which they are launching international sales at the EFM.

Besides director Martin Miehe-Renard’s 2018 “Father of Four On The Sunny Side” and his 2017 “Father of Four at The Top,” the franchise package includes upcoming “Father of Four And The Vikings,” to be shot this summer for delivery in 2020.

Summerside chief Francesca Manno said she is launching pre-sales in Berlin on the franchise’s “The Vikings” installment in an unusual move for her company which handles a wide range of specialty titles from around the world, but in more advanced stages of production.

The Summerside slate also comprises doc “Rock The World,” an Italian/Jamaican co-production about the Ska Nation Band project, a group fusing Jamaican and Italian reggae produced by Grammy winner Richie Stephens, and also “Amalaterra,” a doc about a disease which is caused by the plant bacterium Xylella fastidiosa that is threatening the olive oil industry in Italy’s Puglia region. “Amalaterra” is directed by Italian multi-hyphenate Gabriele Greco and has a soundtrack by Italian pop singer Mario Biondi.