SAN SEBASTIAN — Fasten Films will produce “El Nieto” (‘The Grandson’), Nely Reguera’s sophomore outing. Greece’s Homemade Films and Spain’s producer-distributor Bteam will co-produce.

A Barcelona-based company founded by Adrián Monés, formerly a producer at Filmax), Fasten Films is the company that has co-produced Emmy winner Justin Webster’s non-fiction series “The Prosecutor, the President and the Spy,” which had its world premiere on Monday, playing San Sebastian’s Zabaltegi showcase.

Reguera is currently co-directing— alongside Inés de León— Netflix original TV series “Valeria.”

Premiered at San Sebastian film festival in 2016, Reguera’s dramedy debut “Maria (And The Others)” garnered plaudits from reviewers and audiences. The feature snagged best film at Miami’s HBO Ibero-American Competition among other international prizes.

Alongside further female directors like Carla Simón (“Summer 1993”), Belén Funes (“The Daughter of the Thief”), Celia Rico (“Journey Around a Mother’s Room”), Laura Ferrés (“The Desinherited”), Meritxell Colell (“Facing the Wind”) and Neus Ballús (“The Plague”) among others, Reguera is a member of a large and bright new generation of female Catalan auteurs.

“The Grandson” will follow Marisa, who is eager to have grandchildren. She’s a retired doctor who, to give meaning to her new life, decides to travel to a refugee camp, where the children need, in her opinion, people exactly like her. She will conceive the idea of adopting one of them. The story is told from the point of view of its main character.

“I’ve always been interested in characters who refuse to accept disappointment; who don’t know how to deal with what they don’t like about their lives, and, powerless, start rushing forward no matter how crazy the way may be,” the director said.

Feature is scheduled to start shooting next year in Spain and Greece and will include some non-professional actors in the cast— still to be determined. The script is written by Valentina Viso (Mar Coll’s “Three Days with the Family”) and Eduard Solà (Dani de la Orden’s “Barcelona Summer Night”).

“For Fasten Films, it is a priority to bet on talented and courageous filmmakers like Nely, who do not believe in borders or genres when it comes to telling original and moving stories. ‘The Grandson’ explores the different meanings of the act of caring and being cared for with humor and empathy,” Monés told Variety.

Fasten is also post-producing Ventura Durall’s “La ofrenda” (The Offering).