The Berlin Film Festival, one of the world’s top gathering places for the movie industry, will return to its traditional early February slot on the calendar in 2021, in response to a change of dates for the Academy Awards.

This year’s Berlinale, which attracted 18,600 industry guests and 3,500 journalists, ran Feb. 7-17, with the Oscars taking place Feb. 24. Next year, however, Berlin’s 70th edition will run later than normal, from Feb. 20 to March 1, in order to stay clear of the Oscars on Feb. 9.

In 2021, the Academy Awards move back to a later date, Feb. 28, and so Berlin will shimmy in before the Hollywood shindig to run in its usual slot, Feb. 11-21.

The BAFTA Film Awards, too, are bouncing around the calendar in order to maintain their position as the last bellwether before the Oscars. This year, the BAFTA ceremony took place Feb. 10; next year, it falls on Feb. 2, one week ahead of the Academy Awards, and in 2021, it’ll be on Feb. 14 – right in the middle of the Berlinale, which has tended to be the case in past years.

In 2022, the Oscars will be on Feb. 27, and the BAFTA ceremony takes place on Feb. 13. Berlin’s dates for that year are yet to be announced.

Next year’s Berlinale will be the first edition under its new management team, the duo of artistic director Carlo Chatrian and executive director Mariette Rissenbeek. The program will be unveiled at a press conference Jan. 29, with the schedule finalized on Feb. 11.