ANNECY, France – Los Angeles and Ecuador-based Alterego has teamed with Miami-based Centauro to co-produce animated feature “La niña de la trompeta” (The Trumpet Girl), created by Argentina’s Emiliano Oviedo. The agreement was signed at the Annecy Intl. Animation Festival

Founded by Colombian director Gustavo Nieto Roa (“Tiempo para amar”) forty years ago, Centauro has studios in several Latino-American countries.

Blending soccer and music, “La niña de la trompeta” follows Sarah, a girl living in a country massively devoted to soccer. However she’s not able to play it so she pours her passion into music, becoming the young star of a big-soccer-team’s music band.

Oviedo presented the project to Alterego’s Paul Vaca at the recent edition of the Quirino Awards, held in Tenerife in April.

Scriptwriter Oviedo explained that animation offers the ideal aesthetics and narrative resources to develop a story unveiling what lies behind the glamorous worlds of music and soccer, as filtered via the powerful imagination of a girl.

Producer Paul Vaca said “universal stories are capable of channelling the richness of Latin American culture becoming pure gold when it comes to international markets.”