Variety’s 2019 Film and TV Tie-In Holiday Gift Guide

Variety's 2019 Film and TV Tie-In Holiday Gift Guide

From Marvel to “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” 2019 has ushered in a new wave of gifts perfect for film and television lovers.


Breaking Bad” x K-Swiss Collection
In celebration of “Breaking Bad’s” Netflix original movie follow-up “El Camino,” K-Swiss released a limited edition pair of sneakers designed in the vein of Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) RV. Only 300 of these K-Swiss Classic 2000 “Breaking Bad” recreational vehicle style sneakers were released, making them not only a stylish wardrobe choice but also a collector’s item for diehard fans.

Idris Elba’s 2HR Set Line
Idris Elba has gradually expanded his resume to include acting, directing, producing, DJing and now designing fashion. Elba’s casual  2HR Set collection comes in men’s/unisex, women’s and children styles, including tees, sweatsuits, leggings and jackets. He also has a line of accessories that range from hats to bags. While his first line is heavily branded with the 2HR Set logo, he is also expanding into collaborations with other artists from whom he finds inspiration. Currently the first line is available on the brand’s website at

Adidas AM4 Marvel 80 Vol. 2
Marvel and Adidas, working with designer Joe Quesada, have created limited edition Speedfactory AM4 sneakers available only at Foot Locker (and that company’s website). The design of the shoe is optimized for athletics — both in its lightweight and sustainable materials as well as by taking constant consumer feedback to help shape the design. In this case, they are also stylized for the colorful world of comics.

Marvel Bomber Jackets
Working with Hero Within, Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” flight jacket and “Avengers” bomber jacket have been painstakingly recreated for adults everywhere. The nylon navy flight jacket is a unisex cut, featuring the star logo embroided on the back and “C. Danvers” on a patch over the left breast. The unisex “Avengers” jacket has an embroided logo patch on the right arm and title patch on over the left breast. Both feature eight pockets (four inside and four outside) and a sublimated lining.


“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Game of Life
If you were lamenting that The Game of Life is a bit outdated for today’s technology-driven woes, Hasbro figured out a solution. The toy and game conglomerate teamed up with Amazon to create a version of the classic board game branded with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” allowing players to travel back to the 1950s and try to find fame, fortune and a vacation home in the Catskills. The special edition of the game comes out Dec. 1.

Mighty Roar Simba by FurReal
To celebrate the latest version of Disney’s “The Lion King,” Hasbro created an interactive plush Simba that’s one part stuffed animal, one part technological advance and all-around fun. Measuring 8.5 x 20 x 17.5 the toy will respond to sound and touch from anything in its range, but it also comes with a bug and leaf accessory to inspire specific play. Some of its movements are as simple as eye blinks, tail wags and stretching, but it also comes programmed with key phrases from the movie. Overall there are more than 100 sound and motion combinations to unleash. The Mighty Roar Simba is recommended for children four years of age and up.

Friends” Central Perk Lego
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved modern classic sitcom, Warner Bros. Consumer Products Group worked with Lego to bring a fan-created Central Perk set to life. Originally sold exclusively through Lego’s website, the 1000+ set (which includes seven minifigs: all six titular friends, plus Gunther) sold out before its official launch day. But it’s back with a new release just in time for the holidays, available more widely at retailers such as Target. The set is packed with show-specific details, including a “service” sign, Chandler’s laptop, Monica’s muffin and Phoebe’s guitar. It is designed to look like the real-life soundstage, with lights on the sides of the set, allowing builders to be a part of the TV-making action, recreating classic episodes with stop-motion animation, or simply building and displaying as a piece of memorabilia.

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll – D.R.E.A.M.
Actor and singer JoJo Siwa has come along way since her early days on the reality phenom “Dance Moms.” Signing a deal with Nickelodeon not only expanded her reach exponentially, but it also allowed her to break into merchandising. While she has released items ranging from apparel and accessories, one of this year’s hot new items from the young multi-talent is a 10-inch singing doll in her likeness that features poseable arms and legs and is dressed in an outfit inspired by her one of her own. The doll sings Siwa’s “D.R.E.A.M.” and is available at such retailers as Walmart, Target, Amazon and Kohls.

Hallmark Channel Monopoly
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas” programming slate, the company has teamed up with USAopoly and Hasbro to create a special holiday version of classic board game Monopoly. This game allows players to dive into the world of the Hallmark Channel by buying, selling and trading such properties as Christmas tree farms, bed and breakfasts, cottages and inns. Players can also experience unique card options, such as getting out of jail for starting a prison knitting club. The tokens also receive the Hallmark treatment, featuring an ice cream cone, ice skates and Happy the Dog, among others. The game is available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores as well as online.

Stranger Things” x My Little Pony
Erica (Priah Ferguson) broke out in the second season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and only became more influential in the third. Over the summer a couple of crucial items to be just like Erica were released and are still popular items six months out. The first is a replica of the backpack Erica uses in the show. Licensed by Accessory Innovations and featuring a pair of My Little Ponies, the backpack has a secret hidden map inside its main compartment and closes with double zippers. The back panel and straps are padded and adjustable for comfort during wear. It is polyester for durability, as well. The second My Little Pony item is Applejack, the Pony Erica references in the third season. Licensed by BasicFun, Applejack is 4.5-inches tall and is packaged upside down in its special packaging for an extra reference to the show.


“Child’s Play 2” Good Guy Doll Replica
Just ahead of its 30th anniversary, “Child’s Play 2” comes alive with a replica Good Guy doll that stands more than 30-inches tall. Using screen-used molds and fabric swatches, the doll was created to be a collector’s item or your child’s new buddy (no knife included). The doll is even more timely since UCP is working on a television series about the iconic doll. It is available at online retailers such as Amazon and

All “Star Wars,” All the Time
With Disney Plus releasing “The Mandalorian” in November and a new “Star Wars” film being released in December, the consumer products division must have worked overtime to provide new toy and collectible items for the holidays. Some of the highlights include Hasbro’s Black Series Hyperreal 8-Inch Darth Vader figure, Supreme Leader Kyle Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber, Carbonized Collection of action figures, Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Electronic Helmet and D-O Droids. There is also a lot of anticipation around upcoming merchandise based on The Child, although Disney and LucasFilms are being very secretive with regards to what that look like. The Elite Lightsaber features 80 LED lights and movie-inspired sound effects for a battle clash effect, a molten glow effect and an unstable plasma effect. It comes with a collectible coin and stand for those who prefer to display rather than play, as well. Meanwhile, the figures come with multiple interchangeable parts (such as hands) and points of articulation and are finished in a sleek metallic paint job.
Luke Skywalker’s Battle Simulation helmet is a full-scale replica with synchronized LED lights, padding and three speakers to create an immersive but safe experience.
The D-O Droids come in multiple formats: the Ultimate D-O Interactive Droid has a self-balancing wheel and multiple modes of play, along with a moving head and antennas, LED eyes, sound effects and deco design inspired by “The Rise of Skywalker.”The Ultimate D-O Interactive Droid requires a free downloadable app to be fully utilized, but The Spark and Go D-O Droid, inspired by the same film, just needs to be set down on a flat surface and revved before it can get into action — including lights and sparks. These Droids fixate on BB-8, so Hasbro also created a new Spark and Go BB-8 Droid to go alongside these.

The Vintage Collection has also gotten an upgrade this year with new vehicles such as “The Mandalorian’s” AT-ST Raider, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter.


Game of Thrones” Decorative Wares
HBO’s sci-fi fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” may have come to an end this year, but that has not stopped new lines of merchandise. A couple of noteworthy items for the family-drama-with-dragons fan in your life include an Iron Throne candle holder and throw pillows. The candle holder is a 100% resin collectible that stands just over 8-inches tall and can hold votive candles, or other candles up to 1 3/4-inches in diameter. It does come with a candle. When it comes to the pillows, you can declare your “House” allegiance if you so choose, or celebrate them all with a houses of the Known World sigil tapestry pillow. The latter is a 13×13-inch Jacquard-woven plush pillow that features sigils from House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Greyjoy, House Arryn, House Baratheon, House Baratheon of Dragonstone, and House Tyrell. These items, among others, are available on HBO’s website.

Charmed” Book of Shadows Jewelry Box
Inspired by the CW’s “Charmed” reboot, Geekify has created a jewelry box disguised as a book — specifically the infamous Book of Shadows from the show. In the show, this book is handed down between generations of witches to teach the lore, but in reality, the book is hollow, with unique compartments designed to hold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings — or really whatever your heart desires. The box comes in both 5×7 or 8×10 size for portability and is available on Geekify’s website.

Illuminations candles
Mitch Davis has revived his beloved candle brand, Illuminations, just in time for the holidays. Collections include scented and unscented candles, including citrus and fruity (Cranberry Orange, Pomegrante Cassis), floral (Giverny, Rose, Lavender Fields), seasonal (Pumpkin Spice) and woody (Indonesian Patchouli Cedarwood and Wild Woodlands). Each candle is 10-ounces of all-natural coconut and apricot wax with 100% cotton wicks, housed in frosted glass vessels and delivered gift boxed.

“Rick & Morty” x SilverPaw Collection
Cartoon Network and SilverPaw have brought the beloved animated comedy “Rick & Morty” to life not only for human viewers but also their canine and feline ones. The new pet collection includes beds for both dogs and cats, collars, leashes, sweaters, stuffed chew toys, dangler toys, bandanas and treats available. Many of the items already show as sold out on SilverPaw’s website, but they are also available in select retail stores across the U.S.


MTV Stereo-Cam
For those who long for the technology of a simpler time, MTV and Polaroid Originals have released a new throwback camera: the Polaroid 600. This is a film camera that features an analog flash, flash override, lighten/darken slider and film shield. It is painted bright yellow for a new twist on an old classic, but the design is straight out of the 1990s, inspired by MTV’s influence on pop culture. The limited edition camera can be purchased on Polaroid Originals’ website.


andSons Chocolatiers Nate Berkus Associates “Peace + Palm Trees” box
Beverly Hills chocolatier andSons teamed up with Nate Berkus and Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates to give their boxes of chocolate a special designer holiday twist. The boxes, which are printed in limited quantities, include some of andSons’ most popular Signature flavors (including Speculoos Cookie, Hazelnut Pop Rock and Raspberry Caramel Praline) as well as a selection of seasonal flavors (such as Charred Cinnamon Caramel and Eggnog), as well. Gift boxes come in 12 piece, 24 piece, 36 piece, 54 piece and 84 piece and are available for nationwide shipping beginning Dec. 9.

Tommy & Tara Truffles teuscher gift boxes
Actor Tom Gallop (“Will & Grace,” “All Rise,” the “Bourne” franchise) and Tara Margolin, known collectively and colloquially as Tommy & Tara Truffles), are celebrating their first anniversary in the artisan chocolate business. Their truffles come in a variety of gift baskets and boxes, including holiday-themed ones. The specialty boxes come in 9-oz, 18-oz and 36-oz. They also sell solid gourmet and specialty chocolate bars and vegan options. Their Beverly Hills teuscher, one of only 18 locations in the world, was rated No. 1 chocolatier by National Geographic and recently voted “Retailer of the Year” in the annual Best of Beverly Hills Golden Palm Awards, but those who are not local to Southern California can also purchase off their website.