Hong Kong’s Edko Films has set a February 2020 release for upcoming romantic drama “Love You Forever.”

The film is directed by Yao Tingting, who previously made another nostalgic romance “Yesterday Once More,” which went on to enjoy a $27 million global success in 2016. Edko’s Bill Kong is named as producer.

The new film stars Li Yitong (“Keep Calm and Be a Superstar”) as an aspiring dancer who is helping an old theater attendant, played by Lee Hong-chi (“Thanatos, Drunk”). While doing so, she stumbles upon his diary which chronicles the life and memories they shared together since childhood, thus discovering a timeless love story concealed in another dimension.

The film is now in post-production and set for a commercial release in mainland Chinese theaters around Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day

Edko, which straddles production, sales, distribution and exhibition in China and Hong Kong, is handling international rights sales.