Currently on-release South Korean comedy drama, “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee” is to be remade in French. “Mr. Lee” is the story of a mentally-challenged man who learns that he has a sick daughter, and embarks on a voyage of discovery with his new family member.

A remake deal was struck between Yong Film, part of Korea’s Next Entertainment World group, and French studio Studiocanal, Yong said on Monday. Yong co-produced the movie with Dexter Studios.

The Korean film is helmed by Lee Gae-byok, who is best-known for directing “Luck-Key,” itself a Korean-language remake of the Japanese film “Key of Life.” Male model-turned-actor Cha Seung-won (“Believer”) plays the lead role as the father.

The film opened in Korean cinemas on Wednesday, one day ahead of the major mid-autumn or Chuseok holiday weekend. It earned $6.48 million over five days, good enough for third place and a 16% of the weekend box office total.

“We decided to make a French-language version of ‘Cheer Up, Mr. Lee’ as we believed that the film’s heartwarming sense of humor and emotional impression can be equally loved by the French audiences,” said Studiocanal-based producer Georgetta Curavale-Izarn in a statement. Director, cast and other details of the French-language version have yet to be confirmed.