Entertaining Power, a film sales agent from Hong Kong, is launching “Spiders and “I’m Living It” at the Asian Film Market, part of the Busan International Film Festival.

“Spiders” is a topical and contemporary action adventure which follows a group of sailors, who come to believe that they are being stalked by a mutant creature from the depths of the ocean. Directed by Joe Chien, the now in-production picture stars Sunny Wang (“Pigeon Tango”), Rexen Cheng (“The Tag Along”), Lee Kang Sheng (“Stray Dogs”), Winona Yeung (“We Are Legends”), Lu Kung Wei (“Café Waiting Love”) and Lee Lee Zen (“The Mad King of Taipei Town”).

Chien has credits that include: “The House That Never Dies II,” “Zombie Fight Club,” “Zombie 108,” and “The Apostles”. “Spiders” is a co-production between Truffle Creative and Cultural and Entertaining Power Production (HK).

“I’m Living It” which plays later this month in the Tokyo International Film Festival, is a drama about a group of directionless middle-aged folk, room mates in an all-night food joint. Somehow, they rouse themselves to lift each other up from rock bottom. It is also set as the closing night presentation of the London East Asia Film Festival, on Nov. 3.

The picture is produced by the veteran Soi Cheang and directed by Wong Hing Fan, with a starry cast headed by Aaron Kwok and Miriam Yeung. Supporting actors include Alex Man, Cheung Tat Ming, Nina Paw, Cya Liu, Zeno Koo and Gaga Wong. Entertaining Power has rights that exclude China and some Asian territories.