Kim Dong-ho, a co-founder of Busan International Film Festival and one of the best-known figures in Korean cinema, is set to lead the new Gangneung International Film Festival.

Kim was recently appointed by the Gangneung city as head of the newly launched film festival. Veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki, who was previously a Busan festival ambassador, was also appointed as the head of the advisory board.

Kim Hong-joon, former executive programmer of Bucheon International Fantastic Film (BiFan) Festival, has signed up as the fledging film festival’s artistic director.

Kim said at an interview with a local media that he had traveled to invite foreign filmmakers, including Japan’s Koreeda Hirokazu, to the new festival, making good use of his network.

Kim Dong-ho, who was one of the Busan festival’s champions at its debut 23 years ago, served as BIFF director and honorary director until 2016. After BIFF was embroiled in political trouble with the screening of “The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol,” a controversial documentary which the previous government was uncomfortable with, Kim was appointed as the chairman of the festival organizing committee. But he resigned from the position the following year.

The inaugural edition of the Gangneung film festival is set to run in the Gangneung city for a week from Nov. 8. Program details have not yet been announced.