“Bring Me Home,” which marks the big-screen return of leading Korean actress Lee Young-ae — rarely seen since her 2005 role in “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” — has become a hot pre-seller for rights sales agent Finecut.

Produced by 26 Company, the film is a thriller about a woman who goes to extreme lengths to find her missing son. It will be released in Korea on Nov. 27 through Warner Bros.

Rights have been picked up by A Really Good Film Company for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and by Viva Communications for The Philippines. It was previously pre-sold by Finecut to Maxam for release in Japan.

Also on Finecut’s slate, the recently released romantic comedy “My Punch Drunk Boxer,” about a boxer who falls in love while trying to recover from concussion, was bought for Indonesia by PT. Falcon, worldwide Inflight by Encore Inflight, Japan by The Klockworx, Philippines by Viva, Taiwan by Moviecloud, and for Vietnam by Viettel Media.

Another recent theatrical release on Finecut’s slate, “By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture,” was sold to New Select for Japan, and to 815 Pictures for the U.S. The film is a crime actioner about a high-end club owner who gets sucked into a drugs crackdown and political power games.