CAA signed Xenia Tchoumi, a Russian-born Swiss-Italian fashion influencer, model, digital entrepreneur and public speaker, for representation in all areas.

Tchoumi, 32, has more than 8 million followers across social media platforms, including 5.7 million on Facebook and 1.5 million on Instagram. With a passion for female empowerment, she has delivered motivational TEDx talks while also working with the United Nations to participate in events around technology and women. London-based Tchoumi holds an economics degree from Università della Svizzera italiana and is fluent in six languages (Italian, Russian, English, German, French and Spanish).

CAA will work to create opportunities for Tchoumi in all areas, including television, motion pictures, touring, digital distribution and partnerships, endorsements, personal appearances and publishing.

Tchoumi has been featured in publications including Elle and Vanity Fair, and has worked with brands such as Chopard, L’Oreal, Ferragamo, Moet & Chandon, Bulgari, American Express, Tom Ford and Samsung. According to her official bio, Tchoumi turned down a full-time job offer from J.P. Morgan to build her own online business.

Born Xenia Tchoumitcheva, she is known professionally by the abbreviated surname “Tchoumi.”