Isabella Rossellini Goes VR in Latest Installment of ‘Wolves in the Walls’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Isabella Rossellini Wolves in the Walls VR
Courtesy of Fable

Isabella Rossellini is making her virtual reality (VR) debut in the 3rd and final installment of “Wolves in the Walls,” Fable’s animated VR series based on the Neil Gaiman book by the same name. The latest chapter of the series debuted on the Oculus Store Thursday.

“Wolves in the Walls,” which first premiered at Sundance in 2018, is the story of a little girl named Lucy who believes that there are wolves hiding in the walls of her family home. The story plays with a lot of interactive elements, and includes the viewer as the imaginary friend of the main character.

Throughout its chapters, the story plays with the boundaries between reality and imagination, fear and belonging. In chapter 3, Rossellini plays the character of Nana, Lucy’s grandma, who only lives on in the family’s memories.

“I seem to remember events that I never really lived, but my grandparents or great grand parents lived,” Rosselini said about her role, and how she related to it. “My character Nana is the embodiment of this mysterious glue, the collective memories that defines a family.”

“Isabella’s voice anchors the experience and provides a timeless wisdom that grounds the piece and carries a rich emotional depth and history,” added “Wolves in the Walls” co-creator Jessica Yaffa Shamash. “Her character lives on in the memories of the family, and in the texture of the home.”

“Wolves in the Walls” won a Primetime Emmy for outstanding innovation in interactive media in August. Originally launched as a project within Oculus Story Studio, the series was picked up by Fable, with the support of Facebook, after the social media giant shuttered its in-house narrative VR studio in 2017.

With the conclusion of the series, Fable is now expected to focus more on the creation of virtual beings. Some of this work will still be anchored in the world of “Wolves,” with Fable teasing plans to revisit the character of Lucy in a narrative experience called “Whispers in the Night.”

“The next step in the story will be ‘Whispers in the Night,’ which will play onto memories of Lucy,” the studio said in a press release Thursday. “Users will have a surprise at the end of chapter 3, with the option to continue the journey and save their memories with Lucy.”