Vimeo wants to make it easier for companies to find editors and other creatives for their video projects: The company launched a marketplace for video production jobs called “For Hire” Monday that aims to connect video professionals with potential clients.

“Every business, brand and agency today faces hurdles in producing video at scale,” said Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud in a statement. “Our new hiring tool fundamentally streamlines this process, by connecting those in need of talent with top-tier video pros from our global creative community.”

At launch, Vimeo’s For Hire marketplace allows companies to browse a community of 30,000 professionals by budget, project type, location, skills and experience. Companies can also post their own job offers, and creatives can connect directly with them on the platform.

Vimeo does not take any fees for job listings or profiles from creatives, and the company is also not taking any cut from projects that result from connections made on its platform. Instead, Vimeo is just using the job listings as yet another funnel to attract talent and brands, which is part of its strategy to position itself as the video hosting platform for professionals.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t bet on advertising, but paid memberships to monetize its platform. The IAC-owned video platform ended its second quarter with 1.2 million paying subscribers, bringing in $45.7 million for the quarter.