Tivo is getting ready to introduce the next generation of its DVR, if a new FCC filing is any indication. The new device, which is being called the Tivo Edge, is once again being made by set-top-box manufacturer Arris.

A Tivo spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Arris’ FCC filing is heavily redacted, but the naming of documents included in the filing makes it clear that this is in fact a “Series 7” device. This would represent the first major refresh of the Tivo line-up since the introduction of the Series 6 Bolt devices in 2015.

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Courtesy of the FCC

A picture of the FCC label included in the filing also reveals the Edge name, as well as the fact that the specific model in question is being made “for cable,” meaning that it will work with encrypted cable signals. In the past, Tivo made separate models of its Bolt DVR for cable customers and cord cutters.

Tivo already leaned on Arris to manufacture the Bolt, so it’s no surprise that the companies are back together for Tivo’s next-generation DVR.

Perhaps the bigger surprise to some may be that Tivo is making a new DVR at all: Faced with a continued decline of its direct-to-consumer business and sharp losses in its IP licensing business, Tivo had been pursuing a number of strategic alternatives for its corporate assets. In March, Tivo announced that it would split into 2 companies, separating its IP licensing business from its products business.