Rom-coms are working for Netflix: “The Perfect Date,” a romantic comedy starring Noah Centineo from the company’s hit movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” has been viewed by 48 million subscriber households in its first four weeks on the service, Netflix revealed Wednesday. And “Always Be My Maybe,” starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, reached 32 million households in the same time span.

Netflix revealed this new milestone in a letter to investors accompanying its Q2 2019 earnings release, which showed a decline in U.S. subscribers and much lower-than-expected international growth.

In addition to “The Perfect Date” and “Always Be My Maybe,” Wednesday’s letter to investors also highlighted a few other content success stories. The Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston movie “Murder Mystery” has been seen by over 73 million households in four weeks, while Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us” attracted 25 million households in four weeks.

Notably, Netflix didn’t release any data for any of its TV shows, and instead just called out series like “The Rain” and “Quicksand” for their success. The company also said that the third season of “Stranger Things,” which debuted on its service in early July, was “strong,” without providing any additional data.

Netflix does not release traditional ratings for all of its programming, and the company used to keep even viewing records secret, with executives arguing that its subscription-based business model wasn’t reliant on viewership data in the same way as ad-supported TV networks.

However, in recent months, Netflix has released a number of data points about some of its more successful shows and movies. In addition to dropping such nuggets in earnings releases, Netflix also begun to tweet out select success stories, and test a Top 10 list in the U.K.

Critics have taken issue with Netflix cherry-picking such data points without third-party verification, but company representatives have said that Netflix uses its own set of completion metrics to compile this kind of data. For instance, the company only counts the view of a movie if a subscriber has finished at least 70% of the title.