“The Baller Alert Show” is headed to iHeartMedia’s iHeartPodcast Network. The pop-culture podcast will air weekly on Mondays, discussing and dissecting entertainment news, opinion and gossip. Closing in on 90 episodes, “The Baller Alert Show” podcast is hosted by Kenny Burns, dubbed the “lifestyle specialist”; Su Solo, an entrepreneur, influencer and brand ambassador; and Ferrari Simmons, a broadcasting personality heard on Atlanta’s 94.5 The Streetz.

Said Burns in announcing the deal: “After years of generating millions of online impressions weekly and being the go-to source for 24 hours news on pop culture and community news events we feel it’s time to take the Baller Alert brand to new heights with iHeartRadio,” a. “The Baller Alert Show’ aims to be the No.1 trusted pop culture news source by delivering accurate and timely news stories on the topics we love while extending the conversation beyond social media! You can’t escape the crazy world we live in so we will definitely embrace the ever-changing entertainment element while incorporating a real balance between everyday issues that will make our listeners laugh, cry and ultimately evolve.”

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with iHeartMedia on this project and I’m extremely confident that this will be something new, fun and thoughtful for our expanding audience,” added Robin Lyon, CEO of Baller Alert Inc.

The Miami-based Baller Alert enterprise was founded in 2008 and boasts an online portal, smartphone app and YouTube channel with a combined reach of more than 200 million impressions a week, according to the company. Baller Alert TV is also part of the portfolio. The subscription service produces original, scripted programming.