Sonos is introducing a new version of the Sonos One, its budget-priced smart speaker, this week. The second-generation Sonos One will look and work just like the original, but come with an updated processor, more memory and support for Bluetooth LE.

The new Sonos One will also pack 4 microphones instead of the 6 microphones found in the original version. Apparently, Sonos figured out ways to get the same results with fewer mics, with a spokesperson saying that the voice experience of the two devices was the same.

The company will officially begin selling the second-gen Sonos One on Thursday. As retailers clear out their inventory for the new Sonos One, some are expected to sell the first-generation model for $179, as opposed to the regular $199 price tag.

Sonos first introduced the Sonos One as its very first smart speaker with integrated microphones for voice control in late 2017. The company has committed to support the original Sonos One with regular software updates going forward.

In addition to this smaller update, we can expect a number of major product announcements from Sonos this year. Company executives have said that Sonos will release a first out-of-home product in 2019, which could be an outdoor or even a portable speaker.

Separately, Ikea is scheduled to release its line of Sonos-powered speakers in August. The furniture retailer announced in summer of 2017 that it was working with Sonos to make a line of budget-priced speaker products that will be sold in Ikea stores, and interoperate with other Sonos products.