Snap is looking for another crop of mobile content creators for the second iteration of Yellow, its incubator program aimed at fueling production of original content for the Snapchat app.

For the original Yellow Accelerator program, Snap invested $1.35 million in a total of nine content partners last year ($150,000 each), selected from among almost 1,300 applications. Snap received equity stakes in each of the nine companies, for which it provided support, executive mentors, networking events, and creative office space at its Venice, Calif., headquarters over a three-month period last fall.

The nine companies in the first Yellow class were: ANRK, ConBodyHashtag Our StoriesID:KLove Stories TV,PremmeSelfie Circus, Space Oddity Films and Toonstar. While Snap isn’t requiring content distribution or exclusivity with Yellow, six of the companies have distribution on Snapchat: ANRK, as an official lens creator; ConBody and Toonstar, which produce original shows; ID:K, which is a publisher story partner; and Hashtag Our Stories and Love Stories TV as curation partners.

The promise of the program, as Snap describes it: “Yellow will help you shorten the time it takes to turn your brilliant idea into reality.” Based on the encouraging results from the initial participants, Snap decided to launch a second go-round.

The second program also will run around three months — from June 17 to Sept. 20, 2019 — with creators expected to participate full time during that period. Snap is accepting applications for the second Yellow incubator Feb. 1-March 31, at yellowla.com. As with the first Yellow class, Snap says it will invest $150,000 in up to 10 companies.

For the second class of Yellow, Snap says it’s especially interested in the following categories:

  • Digital media: The company is looking for “fresh new voices in video, audio and editorial with a unique take going after a well-defined audience.”
  • Talent-led brands: Creators who have created a strong community and want to turn that into a larger-scale business.
  • Content-driven commerce: Companies that can tell brand stories “in an organic way” to build top-of-funnel awareness that drives sales.
  • Mobile content innovation: Emerging formats for mobile storytelling, such as interactive content, augmented reality, and games.