SiriusXM is doubling down on video: The satellite radio service officially announced a new initiative called SiriusXM Video Wednesday, with plans to publish daily videos from dozens of shows to paying subscribers.

Some of the SiriusXM hosts you’ll be able to see more from include Kevin Hart, Jenny McCarthy, Joel Osteen, Karen Hunter and Jason Ellis, among others. Videos will include interviews, in-studio performances and more, according to SiriusXM. The company had already been publishing Howard Stern videos since last year.

“We are thrilled to deliver video from a broad array of our incredible talk, sports, music, comedy and specialty programming,” said SirisXM’s senior vice president of video programming Kelly Flynn in a statement. “We are giving our subscribers more new and exciting ways to connect with their favorite guests, performers, hosts and shows. Now, you can see what you’ve been hearing.”

Access to video is included in the company’s SiriusXM All Access, SiriusXM Select, SiriusXM Essential Streaming and SiriusXM Premier Streaming subscription plans.

The inclusion of streaming-only plans also suggests why SiriusXM is embracing video now: After relying on an in-car audience for decades, SiriusXM has woken up tot he fact that younger audiences primarily consume content on their phones, and often don’t even own a car. By embracing both streaming and video, SiriusXM aims to stay relevant to these audiences, and reach them where they are, with the type of content they’re accustomed to.