Samsung unveiled its latest slate of lifestyle TVs at a press event in Seoul this week, and the company had a bit of a surprise to share: Samsung’s new Sero TV is a flat screen with a rotating display that’s meant to show off Instagram and Snapchat stories, or TikTok videos for that matter, vertically.

Samsung’s new Sero TV can be synced with a phone via NFC, and then simply mirrors the phone’s display. In addition to video viewing, the company also pitched the TV as a solution for big-screen mobile gaming, browsing photos from social networks, or visiting shopping sites together with multiple people.

Rotated back horizontally, the Sero TV can be used as a regular 43-inch TV screen. It also features a 4.1-channel, 60-watt speaker, and an integrated far-field microphone for access to Samsung’s Bixby smart assistant.

There’s no word on whether Samsung plans to bring the Sero to Western markets, but the TV is going to be available in South Korea at the end of May for a price of 1.9M won (about $1600).

A rotating TV set optimized for social media isn’t Samsung’s only unusual bet on the future of television. The company has also been working on modular TV display tiles that can be freely re-arranged to TV sets of any shape and size. Samsung showed off a variety of configurations at CES earlier this year, but has yet to announce details on the commercial availability of its modular TVs.

Correction: 10:25am PT: An earlier version of this story erroneously stated that the TV would cost the equivalent of $16,300. The actual price is closer to $1600.