In a first such integration with other social networks, Reddit has added an option to share content from its iOS app to Snapchat. iPhone users can now share Reddit posts with their contacts on Snapchat, or add Reddit content to their Snapchat stories.

Anything shared on Snapchat includes a special Reddit sticker, and links back to Reddit’s app. Uses who already have the app on their phones can directly open Reddit content from Snapchat; anyone who doesn’t have the Reddit app yet is being redirected to the App Store.

“Reddit empowers discovery and discussion that many Snapchatters love,” said Snap’s vice president of partnerships Ben Schwerin in a statement. “With this integration, Snapchatters will be able to share interesting posts they find, adding new context and conversation-starters to their Snaps.”

The integration is being rolled out on iOS first, but Android users may not have to wait too long to get access to the feature as well. And if all goes well, Reddit may add similar content sharing integrations for other social networks.

“Snapchat is the first platform partner with whom we’re testing a content sharing integration, and we’re excited to see how the feature will shape the sharing habits and experiences among our users,” said Reddit’s head of growth product Vaibhav Sahgal. “We hope the integration empowers redditors to share Reddit content more frequently, while simultaneously exposing new users to the unique content only found on Reddit.”

Music and video streaming services have long relied on this kind of content sharing to find new audiences on Snapchat and Instagram, among other places. An integration with a competing social network is less common, and also a bit more complicated.

Case in point: Reddit has been welcoming to a lot of content that wouldn’t fly on other social networks. X-rated posts for example are tolerated as long as they’re limited to mature Subreddit communities. Other networks treat this kind of content very differently. Instagram, for instance, famously doesn’t allow pictures with female nipples. That’s why with this new integration, sharing is limited to Subreddits that are safe for work, and are considered to be in good standing.