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Google and public radio distributor PRX have teamed up for a 10-part educational series meant to teach budding podcasters how to perfect their craft. “Podcasting 101,” which is scheduled to launch on 10/31, will show podcasters how to record professional-sounding audio, how to write scripts, how to monetize their shows and more.

The video series is being hosted by Luvvie Ajayi, host of the “Rants & Randomness” and “Jesus & Jollof” podcasts, as well as Sean Rameswaram, host of Vox Media’s daily news podcast “Today, Explained.” It will be made available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and Arabic to reach audiences around the globe.

“We’re grateful to Luvvie and Sean, all-star podcasters who brought their distinctly warm, entertaining and skilled voices to the series,” said PRX’s director of training Kerry Donahue.

“We aim to fuel the growth of podcasting around the world by providing the next generation of audio-makers with the tools and training needed to succeed,” said PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman. “In that spirit, ‘Podcasting 101’ is an important step forward in further opening the field to new voices. We’re proud to work alongside Google to empower creators of all experience levels.”

This isn’t the first time Google and PRX have teamed up to grow podcasting. The search giant and PRX have also jointly been running a podcast creator program, which offers in-person training as well as funding to a select group of podcasters from around the world to kickstart their efforts and help them monetize their shows.

“We have to move it from a hobby to something that people can be successful at,” Hoffman told Variety in June, when PRX announced the second podcast creator program slate.

Podcasting 101 will be available for free on the website of the Google Podcast Creator Program. Below is a description of each of the 10 episodes of the show, as provided by PRX:

“Should I Make A Podcast?”

Hosts Luvvie Ajayi and Sean Rameswaram share why they got into podcasting and discuss the key questions you should ask yourself if you think you might be ready to join them.

“Early Things to Consider”

Luvvie talks you through the things you will want to consider before recording your podcast.

“Recording Audio”

How to figure out the right microphone for you, how to find a quiet place to record and more pro tips from Sean.


Luvvie walks you through the process of finding a guest, choosing your questions and the art of listening.

“Writing Scripts”

Sean breaks down three popular story structures and writing tips you can use when scripting your podcast.

“Editing Audio”

What are the key things to consider when choosing your audio editing software? What are the best practices to make your podcast sound great? Sean breaks down the basics.

“Publishing and Distributing”

Luvvie discusses RSS feeds, things to consider when choosing a hosting service and how to get yourself into all the podcast apps.

“Reaching Your Listeners”

Luvvie walks you through everything from developing a tagline, logo and website to the importance of engaging your audience.

“Making Money”

Sean discusses what should go into your budget, explains how sponsors use CPM to determine the value of advertisements and shares alternative ways to make money.

“Keeping Your Podcast Going”

Luvvie and Sean offer some words of advice and encouragement to beginner podcasters.