Nintendo’s new Switch Lite is selling like hotcakes: The Japanese gaming giant sold nearly 2 million units of the smaller, lighter Switch in just 11 days, it revealed as part of its September earnings release.

Nintendo began selling the Switch Lite worldwide on September 20. By September 30, it had already sold 1.95 million units of the new game console, which ditches TV connectivity for a pure handheld gaming experience, and a $200 price tag.

Altogether, Nintendo sold 6.93 million Switch and Switch Lite game consoles during the six months ending September 30. Lifetime sales for both models reached 41.7 million units by the end of September, as well as a whopping 264 million Switch games.

The success of the Switch Lite helped lift Nintendo’s profits for the reported period, with Nintendo raking in 94,222 million yen ($871.7 million) during the six months ending September 30, up 53.4% from the same period last year. Earnings per share were 520.62 yen ($4.82).

In addition to the launch of the Switch Lite in September, Nintendo also started selling a slightly revamped version of the regular Switch game console in August. The new model looks virtual identical to the existing hardware, but features longer battery life. For instance, it can be used to play up to 5.5 hours of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” according to a comparison on Nintendo’s website. The original Switch on the other hand was only capable of playing the game for up to 3 hours.