Live streaming service Caffeine has a famous new broadcaster: Offset, best known for being part of Migos, is joining the service for two weekly live shows starting this coming Sunday. Offset’s first show will have him play his favorite videos games, while a second show is going to feature celebrity guests who face off against the rapper in what the company described as “a high-stakes competition with unpredictable and fun outcomes.”

“With Caffeine, I can create my content in an organic way that lets me make real connections with my community,” said Offset in a statement. “They have created new technology that takes the lag out of online interactions and it makes me reachable in a way that other platforms simply can’t. Caffeine allows me to be myself so I’m trying to reach these kids to show them that everybody is a part of a team and we’re all one.”

“We’re excited to welcome Offset and his fans to our growing community,” added Caffeine founder and CEO Ben Keighran.

Caffeine has positioned itself as an ad-free alternative to live streaming services like Twitch and YouTube that instead relies on digital gifts and other in-app purchases. The service, which is technically still running in pre-release mode, also puts a big emphasis on low-latency streaming, which is supposed to help streamers to interact with their fans without delays.

In addition to community content, Caffeine also features live streams from FOX Sports, ESPN, Riot Games, DreamHack and others. The company has raised a whopping $146 million in funding, including $100 million from 21st Century Fox in September of 2018.