A group of pranksters has found an unusual way to put a spotlight on the Trump administration’s foreign policy, and possible collusion with Russia: Mschf Internet Studios launched a website Tuesday that lets anyone call their Republican senators — in Russian.

“As the United States Government continues catering to foreign powers, it’s important the American public is heard,” explained a Mschf spokesperson via email. “Republicans won’t listen to their constituents’ grievances, so try a complaint straight from the Kremlin.”

The Red Line, as the project is called, translates any text to Russian, and uses text-to-speech technology to read the result out loud. Users can then find their Republican senator, initiate a call directly from the site, and have the message played back over the phone.

“With The Red Line, you can let Mitch McConnell know you’d prefer healthcare to a border wall, or ask Leslie Graham what Trump knows that’s got him so scared,” the group’s spokesperson said.

Mschf, the group behind the site, previously launched a project to remove tobacco from popular films and TV shows, replacing cigarettes in shows like “Mad Men” with kazoos. The group has also done online marketing work for brands like Casper, Fandango and Collegehumor.