Lara Logan made a name for herself by reporting from global trouble spots for CBS News. Soon, she will be holding forth on a four-part docuseries for Fox Nation, the Fox News streaming-video service.

Logan will present “No Agenda,” which will debut in January on Fox Nation, and is produced by Warm Springs Productions. She is not expected at present to serve as a contributor or anchor on any Fox News programming.

The series will feature four 90-minute installments, each comprised of four episodes that will be released simultaneously on the platform. Logan will focus on four topics: media bias, immigration, socialism and veterans.  She is expected to report from “the front lines of America’s political and ideological war zones and dive into a number of hot-button issues with on-the-ground coverage and expert interviews,” according to a description.

Logan, who had joined CBS News in 2002,  parted ways with the unit at some point last year. She gained a wider profile there by visiting dangerous locales in Afghanistan and Iraq, often embedded with U.S. armed forces. She capped off her career at “60 Minutes.”  Her departure didn’t become known until February of this year, after she made an appearance on a podcast in which she suggested news consumers ought to get information from both liberal and conservative outlets.

“This series is what American people tell me they want everywhere I go – honest, independent journalism that will not bow to propagandists and political operatives who use the media as a weapon to silence, punish and bully,” Logan said in a prepared statement. In recent years, Logan has let more of her own opinions on newsgathering and media come to the surface, typically not a stance many journalists embrace.

Fox News launched the subscription-based Fox Nation in November of last year, betting that its most loyal viewers would pay a separate fee for additional content. The service offers everything from a cooking program led by “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy to a range of documentary programs. “As we continue to expand Fox Nation, this series is the exact kind of compelling content we want to deliver to our subscribers and super fans,” said John Finley, executive vice president of Fox Nation and development, in a prepared statement.